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Girl child patient 1 Bindoo Narain MD in Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties
Dr. Narain is on the Medical Staff of Leesburg Regional Medical Center. The hospital has a Level II nursery and pediatric beds. Children, whose problems necessitate specialized care not available at LRMC, will be referred to physicians and healthcare facilities that can provide the best possible care for them. All of these special arrangements can be made through our office. Dr. Narain has held several positions at LRMC including Chairman, and Vice Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics multiple times and has served on many committees. Central Florida Health Alliance as LRMC is now called, has changed with the times and now has a group of pediatric hospitalists who currently attend to admissions and deliveries.
Dr. Narain provides excellent newborn care. Finding the right doctor for your newborn is essential before the baby is born. Dr. Narain offers pre-natal visits free of charge when you visit our office. This is your opportunity to make a very important decision about the continued care of your baby, and your ability to know your doctor.

Our Office Staff is dedicated to your child. We will work hard to provide the care, time, supplies, and facilities needed for your child's health care. We ... Read more
Girl child patient 2 Bindoo Narain MD in Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties
Boy child patient  Bindoo Narain MD in Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties
Dr. Narain is participating with many insurance companies. Please check with your insurance company or your employer to verify if your coverage is restricted on whom your child may see in order for them to pay claims. This will ensure that your claims will be processed and paid correctly. If we are not considered “Participating” with your insurance there will be out-of-pocket expenses that you will be responsible for at the time-of-service. Fees for office visits are due at the time of the visit. Co-pays have to be collected prior to the office visit. All fees are standard and are billed promptly after the service is rendered. Payments made by mail should be by check for accurate record keeping for our office and yourself. If at any time there is a question regarding a charge, please check with the billing supervisor. She will be happy to discuss your financial questions or concerns and will work with you on an individual basis as required.


Children get sick at all hours of the day and especially at night. Dr. Narain is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Call the main office number after hours and the answering service will contact Dr. Narain. She is on call to answer questions and to help you deal with emergency problems that cannot wait until regular hours. Although she is happy to help you work through problems during these times, we do ask you to use this service for problems that need immediate attention and cannot wait until regular office hours. Matters such as prescription refills and problems of a more chronic / mild nature should wait until the office is open and when the physician has access to your child's chart. Our office phone number is 352-365-2550. Please do not use back line numbers that may show up on your caller ID, as these numbers are not accessible to our answering service for after hour emergencies.
Dr. Narain provides over 26 years of experience and knowledge that you can trust, call today 352-365-2550!